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Dahlonega First Friday CD | Ugly Cousin and Fool's Gold



The first Friday of every month during spring and summer, Hancock Park plays host to regional bands.  This double cd features Ugly Cousin and Fool's Gold.

Ugly Cousins' band members are all natives of Dahlonega – ‘Nuggets’ as locals often coin themselves - who grew up around a variety of music. However, there is a clear and ‘golden’ thread of traditional music woven throughout their repertoire. Both age old favorites and well honed originals incorporate a half dozen genres of music, with the very relevant subject matter of much of their original music reflecting on small town life and the trials of living in the ‘new depression.’  Here's a live cut of track number 3 on the album, Wheels: 

Dahlonega band Fool's Gold cooks a simmering stew made up of traditional mountain music, blues, rock, gospel, and early country sounds. They have been a mainstay of Dahlonega area music for years.  We'll upload a video clip to give you an idea of their sound as soon as we find one!

For more tunes we love, check out Cranberry Corners' YouTube channel - it contains a few songs we sing along to in the shop.  Click here to listen!